A great short by Shueti that subtly makes you consider the calculations that go into dance movements that look so free and effortless.  The song in the background is Of Porcelain, Signal the Captain.  Enjoy.

A video that I’m sure most of you have seen by now, but I figured I would post anyways because it works as a nice contrast juxtaposed with the previous video surrounding calculation.  Matthew Harding just loves to dance and visit new places.  While many people have found inspiration in Matt’s videos, he is quick to point out that he did not create these videos to be inspirational, but rather just as a fun way to document and enjoy the many places he has visited.  It’s funny how some of the most inspirational things in this world were not meant to be so.  Perhaps there’s a school essay in that thought for someone to write some day.  Whatever.  Enjoy. (*Note: My favorite clip from this video is the Demilitarized Zone in Korea at 1:53  🙂  )

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